From the silent voice of death come the soundest lessons in life

When workplace deaths are reported, occasionally...we catch a glimpse of a photo and maybe a mention of how old the victim was...some shots of the scene and - well, that's normally where it ends.  That is of course, unless you happen to have an intimate knowledge of the deceased person.  The world turns a little surreal for those who have more than just this short news story to contend with.  

These tributes are a work-in-progress.  They are horrendously difficult to write and so it is that some pages are still under construction.  However, their value on this site is beyond significant so I urge you to please check back as these pages are updated and added.  They will give family and friends an opportunity to describe what they have lost.  Hopefully, what was once just a name or a news story (or not reported at all) will turn into a face with a name and a life full of the same hopes and dreams you have.  This was likely someone's parent, husband or wife, son or daughter...or just a really good friend to everyone they met.

A message to families who may have lost someone in a workplace accident - there is no charge to have a tribute page dedicated to your loved one.  

Please email VOID for more information.

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