From the silent voice of death come the soundest lessons in life

We’re here to advocate for grieving families whose lives have been forever damaged as a result of someone they loved losing their life at work.

We’re here because somewhere along the line, the political agendas of law makers have overlooked the value of human life in the workplace. They have buckled to the moaning pressure of the powerful lobby of business and industry groups.  Meanwhile we have deaths - they become statistics.  We have WorkCover - and the scheme is not focused on compassion - it is focused on saving money.

Where does that leave the family, through no fault of its own, who have had someone ripped from their lives?

The Tribute pages will allow you to enter into the heart and soul of a workplace statistic and see the damage done to those left behind.  Take away the sterile world of ignorance and you’re left with a photo or two of a smiling face - a story - a poem or perhaps just a memory.  These were real people with families.  The dead have no voice, they are easy scapegoats for those who wish to side step accountability of poor work practises.

I hope for a moment you will try to move out of your comfort zone and into the hearts and minds of the people that are not only trying to grieve but also stay in one piece as they wade through the legislative compost.

The aim here is to put corporate crime on the agenda and keep it there until the big end of town understand they can not at the will of profit, put their workers lives at risk!

What makes this so much more painful for families is that corporate crime seems to be considered far less significant than a crime committed by an individual.  Many families are left in ruin as the corporate entity, often times wealthy and very influential, walks away from court after being found guilty, with a slap on the wrist and a pitiful fine.

If you think this doesn't apply to you, think again.  With cheap imports flooding our shores...and with big international entities buying up the countries resources the focus is on the bottom line!  Make no mistake, when it comes to dollars and cents, our Government bows to the pressure of our corporate muscle.  With all the best intentions in the world, the worker within the workplace will always come a poor second to the almighty dollar.

What we do here is give power to the voice of the dead through their families.  

We want Government and Industry to stop using terms like ‘hindsight’ and ‘unfortunate mishap’.  We want the Government to govern - to lead the push for a stronger focus on safety at work and to come down like a ton of bricks when there’s lives lost through cost cutting short cuts.  We’re tried of hearing empty promises - just let’s get the balance of power clear and make the priority about the people who don’t have the power to change their workplace - nor the money to walk away from dangerous tasks.

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