From the silent voice of death come the soundest lessons in life

Dated: October 2008

VOID was encouraged to apply for the Augusta Zadow Scholarship Award in 2008 by someone who had attended several of the Reflections presentations and believed they were a worthwhile candidate.

The scholarship money would go a long way in purchasing equipment to run the presentations without the need to hunt around for projectors and audio equipment or rely on the host to supply them.  I had found this was a little of a hit and miss affair in some cases.  The audio visual aspect of Reflections is probably the most powerful - a wee little tiny computer speaker just wasn’t really enough but sometimes it was the only option.

So that was precisely what I set about to do - no small task.  I spent the next however many hours / days head down putting together a proposal for this award and scholarship.  

On the 15th September I received a letter from SafeWork SA to advise me that my entry was disqualified.  It did not meet the requirements of improving safety for women in the workplace.

The Augusta Zadow Award was the only award that appeared to ‘fit’ in what VOID was trying to do.  That was a huge blow.  I mean there’s no issue with being beaten to the post by another more worthy entry but to be ousted like that was quite hurtful given the entry was motivated on suggestion from someone who understood the award and its constraints.

There was some talk afterward - even a meeting or two, that suggested Reflections might be helped along via some other form of assistance from the department but nothing ever eventuated from that.

Perhaps SafeWork SA should recommence the community safety award that seems to have disappeared from the agenda ... Just a thought.

2008 Augusta Zadow Entry