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Last Updated: 16 August 2010

Every year the since the late 90’s SafeWork SA and the South Australian Government has hosted this annual awards night.  The concept being to recognise business and individuals leading the way in occupational health and safety.

In 2007 VOID gave presentations at the event and attended the awards dinner.  Unfortunately that evening and the subsequent winner in 2007 did not offer much substance to the awards themselves.  Some years later and it would appear the criteria for entry has now been amended so that a business under investigation for breaches of safety is no longer eligible to enter.  Alas, it would appear more than the author of this page considered that just a little detrimental to the reputation of the entire awards process.  

So with some faith restored, it’s onwards and upwards we go!  

We would like to see the return of the Community Award category (which seems to have disappeared) and at least one scholarship award on offer beyond helping only women in the workplace.  We consider it no more appropriate if there was an award that highlighted ONLY the improved safety of the male gender.  Seriously, equality needs to be just that - equal.

Likewise, we would hope that somewhere in the not too distant future we see the birth of an awards that recognises the value of helping young workers improve their OHS understanding.  These are by and large the most vulnerable workers in the country.  If we focus on this very trendy concept of ‘culture’ then it is absolutely those young workers who will create a generational change in the mind-set of occupational health and safety.