From the silent voice of death come the soundest lessons in life

Reflections is an audio visual workplace safety presentation designed to be used in conjunction with Occupational Health and Safety education.  Its purpose is to raise the profile of safety by confronting the stark and very real truths about what it is like to experience workplace death.

There’s quite a few rather trendy phrases being relating to OHS brandied around at the moment - SAFETY CULTURE is one we hear often.  This evidently describes how people think about safety in the workplace but it’s just a couple of words and what does it actually mean?

To be perfectly honest, I get frustrated when ambiguous descriptives like this become a common focus because they tend to replaces those that are easier to understand for those who may not have a great love for obscure English.  The old KISS theory kicks in - keep it sweet and simple - let’s talk about ‘SAFETY ATTITUDES’ and let’s talk about people’s ‘POINT OF VIEW ON SAFETY’.  How does the average worker feel about OHS and does he / she understand the importance of all these rules, procedures and systems?  

Especially important to me is how the average Director or boss views their own OHS systems.  Let’s bury the red tape for a moment because I know this is what a good many managers and workers see when they think about Occupational Health and Safety - let’s look at something a little less complicated for a moment.

See ... I know with crystal clarity, if I could crawl inside your mind and take over your senses, your nervous system so that you could ‘feel’ and experience the damage, there is no doubt in my mind you would have a far less cynical or complex opinion.

Common sense tells me this isn’t possible but it’s something I couldn’t stop thinking about. How can I get inside their heads?  How can I show them how much this hurts?  Reflections was born from this idea. The difficult task, in its design stage, was to ceate something brutally honest.

From its earliest debut in late 2006, the presentation has run a vast range of programs from school leavers, trainee’s and apprentices, workers and upper management alike.  Likewise, it has been utilised around Australia at public venues to highlight the importance of safety in the workplace.

Reflections is a personal journey - it is confronting and it can be customised to appeal to specific demographics.  It is important to understand that whilst it is confronting, this does not include any traumatic images or graphics.  When we refer to the confronting nature of Reflections, we refer to something that runs much deeper than shocking images.

There are many excellent OHS training systems being utilised by companies presently.  These programs are targeted specifically at hazard identification, risk assessments, the OHS&W Act and what everyone’s legal obligations are.  They play an essential role in building knowledge, but I believe they fall short of truly impacting attitudes and views on OHS in general.  

Reflections works to enhance these other programs so that those listening to a 3 hour lecture on risk assessment might better understand the chore value behind it all .  The workshop aims to reinforce the importance of hazard awareness BECAUSE – we are not immortal – the misconceptions and myths on how people cope after a tragic workplace accident are squashed.  Participants are confronted at a more subconscious level.

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