RECEIVED: 15th MAY 2010



I was (but no longer ) an employee of Diemould. Your pain is clear as is your vindictivness. There was nobody at Diemould that wanted to see a serious accident, much less a death. The owner of the bussiness at the time is now dead!

What greater retribution do you want? Everybody has sympathy for your loss, but I ask, what will you accomplish by your vindictivness to the people left behind . Diemould used to supply a living to 60 people, now its 20, and I am not one of them. What is the true purpose of your crusade?


Dear Philip,

I do appreciate your honesty Philip but I will admit I was shocked to see the word ‘vidictiveness’ being used to sum up the motivation behind the VOID campaign.  I’m not sure specifically what you were referring to in that context - VOID or the Inquest.

I obviously can not discuss the inquest itself because I am not in a position to at this point.  However, I wanted to let you know that I personally was as surprised as anyone about the inquest.  In other words, this inquest was not driven by VOID or myself in any way.  

I should answer your question though...

What is the true purpose of this ... And I will assume now we are referring to the VOID campaign?

Philip, did you know that last week, near enough to the very day this inquest began, a 15 year old 1st year apprentice was pulled into a lathe in NSW within the metal processing industry?  This young worker had his arm ripped off and died as a result of his injuries.  

In February 2007 and again in June 2009 more workplace fatalities occurred under similar circumstances in Victoria.

Just a year or so before my son was killed, a contract worker was pulled into a Horizontal Borer in Victoria while he was standing 500-600mm from its spindle.

These are just a few I was easily able to find by running simple searches through my browser’s search engine.  

Amongst all this, we have the same tragedies happening over and over again in other industries.  One only needs to spend a little time reading prosecution summaries to understand this.  

The point is - for every one of these fatal incidences there is a family today that exists without someone they loved.  There are children that don’t have their Dad.  There is a wife without her husband and brothers and sisters having to cope without a loved one.  Of course, there are also mothers and fathers now grieving the loss of a child too.  AND ... Yes, there’s a gamut of workmates that witness these tragedies and have to somehow get through their experience in one piece.  

The legal process is exponentially heart breaking for families and I am quite sure it is for industry and business alike.  The difference is - industry and business are heavily advocated for already.  In South Australia there was no advocacy specifically to assist families affected by workplace fatalities.

So here it is in a nutshell.

These deaths have far reaching destructive effects on so many lives  - that was the CATALYST and purpose of the VOID campaign.

These deaths are so often preventable - that is the SECOND purpose of ‘this’ campaign.

I don’t know how to stop being a mother.  That is the THIRD engine that brought VOID and our campaign together.

I hope that clears up what the purpose of all this is?  


Andrea Madeley