South Australia Fatalities 2001 - 2002

Jul 1999

A self employed miner was looking for opals at Coober Pedy where he apparently placed the end of a steel file into the end of a live three phase electrical outlet.

Aug 1999

The death of a 4-year-old boy occurred at the child’s fathers transport depot when the father, thinking at the time that the child was in the cabin of the truck, reversed the tri-axle trailer and prime mover in the depot to a parking spot. After parking the rig he returned to find that he had run over his son.

Sep 1999

The deceased was unloading a car from a tilt tray car transporter and during this process it appears he leaned under the tilt tray to free a chain and inadvertently leant on the hydraulic control levers and the tray dropped inflicting fatal crush injuries.

Oct 1999

The deceased was an employee of Transfield Pty Ltd. He was a boilermaker and was working at BHP Steelworks – Whyalla undertaking repairs to a set of points on the internal railway link close to the pellet plant. He was struck by a rail wagon, which was returning from the blast furnace.

Nov 1999

The deceased was run over by a tractor he was operating and sustained fatal crushing injuries to the head. He was working on a property, which is about 12kms north of Jamestown.

Nov 1999

The deceased was crushed under a slasher whilst undertaking field maintenance at Penola.

22 Nov 1999   Max Logan  -  Findings SA Sawmills

The deceased was cleaning loose bark from a "jack ladder" (an inclined bed on which logs are carried to the de-barker unit) he slipped into an operating conveyor at the base of the jack ladder

21 Dec 1999  Craig Anothony Bacon  -  Not Guilty Finding SD Tillet Memorials

The deceased was in the process of gaining access to two slabs of granite, which needed to be cut to size for storing on a shipping frame. The shipping frame had seven granite slabs standing on their side a total weight of 1.7 tonnes. The deceased was holding the slabs on the shipping frame when the granite slabs moved and fell on him causing a fatal crush.

March 2000

An employee was working alone in the roof space of a house performing electrical work on house wiring and received a fatal electric shock.

April 2000

A self-employed farmer was working on the hydraulic system of a front-end loader on his rural property. A steel shaft supported the bucket. The deceased was working between the bucket arm and the body of the vehicle. The hydraulics were not supporting the bucket at the time. It is believed that the steel shaft supporting the bucket slipped, allowing the bucket to move downwards. The mass of the bucket trapped and squashed the deceased between the bucket and the vehicle body.

May 2000

The deceased was repairing a forklift. When he was discovered he was next to the forklift with his head trapped beneath it.

May 2000   Colin Hutchins  -  Adelaide Brighton Cement Trial and Appeal  Document 1 - 2 - 3

On board the Accolade II at Birkenhead, two employees were preparing for unloading and had just finished changing one of the wire ropes and were guiding the other rope onto the drum winch when the cable "snapped" striking the deceased across the chest, killing him.

May 2000   Findings Brambles

On the 28th May 2000 - Two people were killed in the process of positioning a transportable house onto blocks when it became dislodged from the jacks.

June 2000

Eight people were killed in an airline disaster en route to Whyalla from Adelaide.

June 2000

A 3-year-old boy was killed on his father’s property when the father was reversing the combine/seeder into a shed.

June 2000

A collision between a locomotive (which the deceased was driving) and a road train occurred at a level crossing on the property of BHP Whyalla.