DATE: 9th MAY 2007



Dear Andrea

I would like to tell you how much your support and guidance means to my sister, Stacey Randall.  

The VOID group/family has provided her with so much during the hardest time in her life.  I try my best to support her and comfort her but ultimately having people that are going through the same painful journey is a huge comfort to her.  You are an amazing person Andrea and an inspiration to us all.  I can honestly say that Stacey would not be coping the way she is without you or the VOID family and I would like to pass on my sincere thanks gratitude to you all.

Stay Safe & Happy!


Mell :-)


Dear Mel,

I'm really very thankful that we have each other - and that we can actually draw strength from one another.  

Sometimes ...actually maybe even 'mostly', the resolve to fight comes from anger.  As long as we have each other we can channel that in a way that hopefully will make some difference down the track.  

Your sister is really an amazing woman ...a fighter.   

Andrea XXX