DATE: 15th January 2008



I have been 'surfing' for Road Safety Statistics - in particular volunteer drivers of community health organisations. I am developing a fleet management policy -  focussing on safety,  for a volunteer driving organisation - they have 170 volunteers, who drive over a thousand clients,  for essential medical purposes. The community is less than 10000 people. Road Crash statiscs are horrific in all our states and internationally, which can be broken down to workplace crashes, but no mention anywhere of the volunteer crash stats.

I came across your website...... and have been researching through your amazing efforts, and in particular I felt a mums agony and broken heart. You are a really strong lady... and I believe that you have channelled your grief in a really confronting, down to earth, realistic, productive, valuable way.

I read that you find it hard to continue the presentation you give, 'its like reliving Daniel's death over and over'..... its also a way to stay close to him too.....

If you do move away from the pain of delivering your session to advance work safety, please pass it on to someone you trust....

I know that you would have been received well here in Tas, despite all the government red tape, corruption, and the bad habit of sweeping things under the magic carpet, Tasmanians in general are forced by nature of survival here to face the truth.

Keep up the great website,




Dear Louise

I queried this with SafeWork SA when I first put the website together.  In South Australia we seem to include the road crash fatalities where an employee is killed while performing his / her daily work routine.  They would also be included in the road death statistics I would assume.  I don't know whether all the states do the same - and that has been frustrating to determine.  Everyone seems to have their own system of analysis.

Regarding the Presentations (REFLECTIONS).

I'm gearing up to embark on another round of school leavers about to enter the workforce.  For as long as I feel there's a reason, I will keep this up.  It really is irrelevant how much it hurts me personally.  As long as there's a breath in my lungs and a chance that Daniel's Story will have some impact, then it has to keep happening.  

One day these kids will be managers, supervisors, business leaders - they will be the ones responsible for changing attitudes in workplace safety.  I have to believe that ... and I do.


Andrea Madeley