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From Dad

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He loved to travel overseas but he also passionately loved everything Australian.

He joined the Air Force Cadets while at high school and while studying at University he joined the Army Reserves Commando Unit.  After doing almost full-time service there he became a Green Beret Commando.

He went to work at Roxby Downs (Olympic Dam) to earn good money.

Before his death, at a 40th birthday party for his older brother, Karl spoke about rejoining the Commando's.   

When questioned how dangerous this would be, he replied that he felt he would be safer protecting his countries freedom in Iraq or Afghanistan than working in that mine - most especially since it had been taken over by the mining giant.

4 weeks later I was burying my son.

His mother, his brothers and I will never rest until those who are responsible for Karl's death are brought to justice.

We shall never forget you Karl.

You will always be our hero.