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Uncle Jack
You were one of the best Uncles in the world.  You always did a lot for me.  I didn’t have time to thank you but I know you are still around watching over me.  You bought me smoked fish and took the bones out for me.  I miss you a lot Uncle Jack and will never forget you.

Uncle Jack
You are the brightest star in the sky.  I think about you all the time.  Not a day goes by when your not on my mind.  You had the biggest smile of them all.  You made me laugh and giggle and always said I love you.  I love and miss you very much and you will never be forgotten.

I did not know you but I have gotten to know your family very well.  I hope wherever you are you are looking down upon us all. The family are always talking and saying how much they love you.  Me and my mum wish we have gotten to know you as you have a wonderful family.  I know your family will always love you and they will see you one day.
Thinking of you – from Natasha
Messages For Our Uncle Jack
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