RECEIVED:  13th May 2010



Dear Void,

Would you mind if I include a link to your website on the "Mildred Lawyers" facebook page?

As a mother whose son is currently looking for an aprenticeship, I found the reports in the media alleging abominable behaviour by the Diemold employers in the Coroner's Court to be very disturbing. I cannot help but wonder what message the reductions in workers' workcover entitlements and reduction in the employer workcover levy sends to employers about the value to be placed on human life, of so called, human resources.

Yours sincerely



Dear Heather,

Of course you are more than welcome to apply a link to the VOID website on your businesses Facebook page.  

The various issues surrounding the long term safety of workers of all ages and in all industries is what we hope to see improved rather than denigrated.  We all want prosperity within our local industries but we also need for worker’s to feel safe and be safe within these industries.  

I often wonder how much money WorkCover would have saved if the various departmental focus and resource was aimed at preventative safety measures rather than dealing with these issues after an injury or death occurs.  From our perspective, that being the perspective of those who have buried someone they love, prevention must be the absolute priority.

The question right now is, are we making risk assessment a priority?

Is the mindset of employer’s and employee’s still one that accepts risk simply because that’s part of the job - even if that risk means death.

How many times will a drunk driver run the gauntlet until someone dies?  Ir’s probably fair to say many, many - the vast majority of people who drive under the influence of alcohol never hurt a soul ... And yet we do recognise the importance of at least trying to deter the behaviour as a part of the road traffic laws.

On the spot fines for breaches of the OHS&W act?  Could that begin to work more at a preventative level?

Lots of things that can be explored here ... The cogs of change are just too old, rusty and slow.

I wish your son a very safe and happy future in his chosen line of work.  


Andrea Madeley