From the silent voice of death come the soundest lessons in life

Initially on this website we started with the WorkCover Shame Files.  There seemed so many issues and shortcomings surrounding the operations of this organisation, it seemed the only logical way to bring them to the fore.

Giving people a voice is important - but just as important is that this voice is able to be heard outside of these departmental walls.

What we have seen in the last few years is that some of these issues seem to have had some resolve - whether by coincidence or not, the important thing is that there is progress in terms of death claims and the process involved surrounding these claims.

VOID fields many calls from people who raise some interesting problems in other sectors when dealing with our Government departments - and these also include Occupational Health and Safety matters.

Time has shown us that raising these issues directly with the various departments seems to achieve very little long term.  That is not said as a means to discredit - but rather to outline how one person’s predicament can so easily flounder into the abyss.

In the spirit of progress - we have reworked these pages slightly so that when such issues are raised, we take the appropriate action.  We dedicate a defect notice to the matter with the hope that this will ensure the topic does not get lost in the shuffle.

The Shame Files still exist but they have dedicated pages now.  The progression from a defect to Shame is not taken lightly.  There are some matters that simply are not adequately addressed - or so improper that they deserve more attention.

As always, we welcome feedback from any company or department on any matter they feel is unfairly depicted here.  However, simply suggesting that an element of the defect is incorrect will not suffice.  We require specifics - and we will look into this with an aim to ensure its relevance to the matter.

As always we will endeavour to maintain an honest and balanced perspective on these pages.

We welcome and encourage South Australia’s workers to help us to pinpoint areas where Occupational Health and Safety and the process of compensation can improve.