From the silent voice of death come the soundest lessons in life

The concept of justice can take on a very different meaning once you walk through the doors of the Industrial Courts.

These court reports (or journals) will try to outline how these matters come across for those of us not born into the complexities of legal jargon that often encompasses the legal process of an Industrial fatality.  

For the benefit of normal human beings that do not have the luxury of a law degree and who may also have mourned the loss of a loved one killed in the workplace, our aim here is to attempt to offer a personal perspective from the viewpoint of those who have a very personal stake in these hearings.

It can take several years before answers to burning questions finally come.  Invariably this means that it is hard to recover from the loss of a loved one simply because so much is not clear.  For some it is vital that they understand - that they have answers.

In these courts, the answers lay in the evidence and since family are effectively spectators in these proceedings, it is only when the court room door opens that all that information, that has been kept from us for so long, will be heard.

We hope these court journals help a little to describe what this process is like.  

We hope the reports can prepare people a little - Forewarned is forearmed.