From the silent voice of death come the soundest lessons in life

The aim here was to create a path of links that would allow ordinary people to follow a case from the time of the accident (statistics) until it is finalised in court by simply following (clicking) the HTML links.  

The specific data on the incident was collected from the DAIS Annual report.  On these reports, no information is given with regard to the names of companies or the deceased workers. Sometimes these reports appear so brief, one gets the feeling that not much thought was put into the outline.  In fact, I sensed from this it very much depended on who was drawing up the data - some years the outlining info in terms of what went wrong was much better than others.  I’m not suggesting that each incident needs to be 2 pages long... But more than one line would help.

In effect the idea here is to ensure that as much information about workplace fatalities and the incidence is able to be researched so that we can learn from these horrible tragedies.

Putting a name to the incidence is also important.  Why?  Because everyone of these workers was someone.  

There was much cross matching that needed to be done here.  Where possible now you can follow the incident to the prosecution (if there was one) and on to the court transcripts.  You can also follow the links to the Tribute Pages of those employee’s whose families have placed a tribute up for them.

There seems a high number of fatalities whereby there is no ability to move further than the statistical outline of the incident when the fatality occurred.  It is clear that some of these will come under different areas of the law.  Road traffic for example in the case of a road accident.  Another may also be where self employed persons are deceased and so no further action would be under taken anyway.  However, there still would appear quite a number of deaths whereby the path stops at the statistical level.  

It's interesting to note the very low number of convictions recorded in more recent years.  The fines were increased in late 2001 - one has to question if there is any correlation in the higher fines and lesser number of convictions.  Or is this all coincidental?

Court Documents 

Some of the noted convictions from the SafeWork SA website do not have court documents available.  That being - we know the company was charged and convicted (fined) but the many attempts to search for these documents ended up fruitless.  This raises some interesting questions.  Are companies able to have their cases held from public record?  What would justify such action? 

Can you help?

If there are people out there who can help fill in some of the missing information, we would be very appreciative of your assistance.  With such a high number of deaths each year one would assume that it would be productive to follow each and every case through with a conclusion.