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A Mother's Journey

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By Hazel Hiscock - Mother of Charles

It was April 24th and we had only been back 3 days from a disastrous holiday in Perth. We had not been given the full information of spending long hours in buses between the places that we were visiting and that a lot of the food we would be offered was 'al a carte' of which we could not eat and so we were not very happy.

Now we were trying to settle back into routine. Dad had his 10 pin bowls that night and he was getting ready for the Anzac march the next day, He has marched every year till last year and he was now riding in one of the cars.

We had got his best greys and R.A.F. blazer ready and polished his medals.

Then we had a light meal before leaving for bowls. As we watched the news they announced the death of a young chap and we saw this lad throwing his mobile and he was very cross, little knowing it was my son Chaz buried alive and the lad was my grandson.

We had arrived at the bowling alley just after 6.00pm when I saw the Police in behind the main desk.

The next thing I knew they called one of my daughters over and went into the club room. I then saw she was crying, so my husband and her partner went over, next thing I knew another of my daughters had gone in and came running to me yelling "Mum its Chaz".

I don't remember very much after that, I do know they fetched the ambulance and took us both to hospital.

I am very hurt that we were not told at lunch time when his ex wife, his partner and his children were all at the site and they asked the police to come tell us as soon as possible. It is just so hard to know that the Police had said they were too busy to get to us before this time.

I still don't believe he's gone. Never to get a hug from him again! I see other men when shopping and twice I have looked up and thought there's Chaz only to say "it can't be him".

It is twice as hard for us as we lost our first son who was named "Edward Charles" in much the same way. They said he had drowned but have you ever know a person who drowned to stand upright in the corner of a static water tank? I know he didn't. He died from a blow to the side of his head but it was never investigated as the base we were stationed on was closing. "So we have no answer for Edward"

I pray we get some answers for Chaz's death so we can settle down and carry on as best we can.

It is a little strange that we named Chaz in memory of Edward and he would have been 54 this year and Chaz was 45 when he died.

I hope some of the other Families will join us in remembering their loved one who has left us.