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By Mellissa Randall

My name is Mellissa and I am Stacey's sister. I have known Chaz for 14 years through his relationship with my sister.

When I first laid eyes on him I was 15 years old. My sister and him pulled up in this little sports car looking vehicle and my first thought was 'what is my sister thinking'. He had slicked back hair and lots of tattoo's!! I had never seen my sister with someone like this so I was a bit shocked. It didn't take long for my mind to be made up that he was charming, funny and he really liked my sister.

My boyfriend at the time, Chaz, Stacey and I started doing heaps of things together like camping and going to the beach. We all got along really well and were always laughing, most of the time due to Chaz's very funny personality. It became very obvious to me that he was a very caring and empathetic person.

I remember going through a miscarriage at the age of 16 and having an operation very late at night. Not long after I had been taken back to the ward the nurse woke me to say my brother would like to see me. I thought to myself 'why would one of my brothers be here (they were both young teenagers also!)'. I looked over and there was Chaz with a big smile! He bent down and kissed me on the head and left me some lollies. That moment has always stuck in my head. My own boyfriend didn't even come to check on me, only Chaz, the one with the big heart!!

The years went on and we became closer all the time. When I separated from my partner 3 years ago he took it upon himself to look after my kids and I.

Last Christmas (Chaz's favourite time) he dressed up as Father Christmas. He sat down and called the kids names out as their presents were pulled out of the bag. I was standing back watching and then heard my name being called out. I hid behind my sister and said "What are you calling my name for? Adults don't get presents." He kept calling my name so I sat on his lap and he gave me my present. He had brought me a Rob Thomas CD and a Dolphin mobile as his thought was that no one else would get me a present so he took it upon himself. Once again, the one with the big heart!!

He organised a car for me from his son Dylan which was amazing. I love the car and always think of him when I drive it. He would ask to borrow it to go to the shop and later when I would leave to go home the petrol tank would be full! Not long before his accident he heard me starting the car and the battery was not sounding very good. When I got back to his house later that afternoon he informed me that he was putting a new battery in the car. He had gone out and brought a new battery for my car. This was just some of the amazing things he did that would leave me feeling like crying as he was so caring, once again the one with the big heart!!

His death has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with and the road ahead is still a long one. My sister is still having the hardest time and I feel for her everyday. His kids are all heart broken, he loved each one of them with all his heart. He loved all his family and often said on the many occasions I was thanking him "we're family Mel Bel and that's what we do for each other".

He was hard working and it was all for his family. He provided them with lots of nice things and took them on holidays. I don't understand how someone can go to work to provide for their family and not come home, it just doesn't make sense.

I love him heaps and I miss him everyday. To make myself feel better I just keep telling myself that "the good die young".