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For My Brother

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By Michael (Mick) Hiscock

I would like to share some great memories and good times I had growing up with Chaz.

Me, being the elder brother - Chaz being 4 and myself 8 years old when we came out from England, I was in charge and could get away with more things cos I could blame it on my baby brother.

Mum and Dad bought us toy cars and marbles to play with while on the ship on the way to Australia, well they didn't last long as we wanted to see if they could float…. Once again I blamed baby bro.We shared a bedroom in our new house and had the usual squabbles about things, sharing toys, which bed to have and who would stay up the latest, as I am sure most siblings did with only a couple of years difference age.

We shared the house with Mum and Dad and our five sisters, who used to spoil us a lot, doing our hair, dressing us up and all that annoying stuff.

Chaz loved building models especially cars. I liked to build planes. He was very good with his hands. He used to help me more than I helped him. When we got older those models seemed a bit boring so Chaz suggested we do something with them.

We put our fire crackers and Dads incinerator to good use.

Chaz loved riding his bicycle as did I and we used to pull them apart and modify them with the help of our mates next door.

He loved playing cricket and footy in the local park with all our friends from the neighbourhood and going to the local quarry for a climb and a picnic.

We also loved to take our pet galah 'Tufty' to the playground as he was on a long chain and ring and could fly along as we walked.

As we got older and our sisters started moving out we got to have single rooms next to each other. You would think our bedroom rivalry would have got better but oh no we still managed to annoy each other, pinching and hiding each others things, taking posters down and playing different music nice and loud. 

Dad had to patch up the walls a few times between us due to holes appearing in them.

Chaz had a favourite breakfast or late night snack food that he used to love making and he knew it used to stink the house out and make us all gag.

Remember 'Mum' grilled peanut butter on toast? It really did smell awful.

One of Chaz's greatest passions was ten pin bowling. He was very good at it as is most of our family. He played in many different tournaments and teams and won many badges and trophies.

Later on in life he removed the labels from a lot of his trophies and donated them to the junior leagues so they could rename them and give them to the younger kids as they could not afford to buy too many trophies. 

This was the strong personality and character that Chaz had developed.

I remember 'well' the one time when we opened the batting for our cricket team; we batted together for a couple of hours and made a half century partnership. When Chaz got out he came over to me before walking of and said thanks for holding the other end up for me 'bro'.  He'd only scored 1 run!

When we got married we used to love hanging around at each others houses playing with our kids, Having bbq's and a couple of beers. I think we spent more time at Chaz's cos he put up a big above ground pool and the kids loved it. We used to love going to the beach with our kids and friends and families, playing beach cricket etc and again, having a beer.

There is so much I want to say and talk to you about brother.

But I know we'll do that in my dreams.

Rest Easy My Brother

Chaz's greatest love was his kids.
To Bianca, Nathan, Dylan, Danielle, Dalton and Jaide, Your dad is in here (your heart) with you and he will live on through you and all your families.
God bless you all.