RECEIVED: 3rd July 2010



Dear Friends

Today I was contacted by the International Union of Food workers (IUF), the world ederation of trade unions representing workers in agriculture and plantations, food and beverages, regarding the behaviour of the Coca Cola Company in Pakistan.

As you are probably aware, the CCC has been involved in murder, intimidation of trade unionists, child labour and stealing of water in a number of 3rd World countries.

More information can be found on the IUF website:

On this website, it is also possible to sign a formatted protest letter to the CCC. It can be altered to add further information. The letter I sent is below and I encourage you to sign a similar letter and boycott Coca Cola products and urge your family, friends and acquaintances to do likewise.


En solidaridad

Andy Alcock

To Ed Potter, Director Global Labor Relations, The Coca-Cola Company Hüseyin Akin, President, International Operations CCI Aliye Alptekin, Human Resources Director CCI Ronald Jones, President, Middle East & Pakistan Region CCI

Dear Madam/Sirs

I am outraged to learn that management of your bottling plant in Multan, Pakistan, has committed an escalating series of illegal and criminal actions in an effort to block the establishment of the new union at the plant.

According to reliable information these acts have included death threats, abduction, transfers, dismissals and the fraudulent falsification of employment records in a campaign to destroy the union.

This follows actions taken by Coca Cola to have union leaders assassinated in Colombia and Guatemala some years ago, child labour in El Salvador, and stealing and polluting water in India, El Salvador and Mexico.

These acts are in flagrant violation of international human rights norms and Conventions. I therefore call on you to ensure that: all acts of intimidation against members and supporters of the People's Employees Union at the Multan plant cease immediately; that the company cease its efforts to block the union's legal registration: that managers and other company employees who organized or committed such actions are identified and all those implicated in violence or threats of violence are removed; and that trade union rights are fully respected at the plant.

Because of these actions, I have been boycotting all Coca Cola products and have been encouraging my friends and acquaintances to do so as well.

I will continue to do so until Coca Cola respects the rights of its employees to work in an environment free from intimidation, violence and threat of murder and allows them the democratic freedom to join a valid trade union.

Yours sincerely

Andrew (Andy) Alcock

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