South Australia Fatalities 2007 - 2008

13.11.2007  Kangaroo Island:

A male farm contractor was fatally injured after becoming trapped in a hay baler that also caught fire afterwards.

12.12.2007   Olympic Dam:

A male worker performing maintenance inside an open tank was fatally injured when struck by a falling fibreglass nozzle in the above-ground plant area of the Olympic Dam mine site.

14.12.2007  Piccadilly:

An elderly male had been operating a tractor on his vegetable farm and was found pinned beneath a wheel of the vehicle, deceased.

15.12.2007  Gillman:

A male driver was fatally injured after his tanker rolled onto its side while negotiating a bend.

27.01.2008  Cooper Basin Oilfields:

A male worker, operating an oilrig was pinned between a manual rig tong and the derrick mast, sustaining fatal injuries.

21.01.2008  Panorama:

A female employee was struck by a forklift as she left the premises at the end of her shift. She died in hospital on 29 January.

01.04.2008  Meadows:

A male road worker was struck and killed by a 12-tonne roller during resurfacing operations.