South Australia Fatalities 2004 - 2005


A taxi driver was killed when the taxi he was driving hit a tree.


An employee was crushed while working underneath a three axle rigid truck when one of two jacks supporting the truck shifted.

09/09/2004   Karl Heinz Petry  -  Finding Works Infrastructure Pty Ltd

An employee was injured when the utility type high rail vehicle he was driving along the Port Augusta to Leigh Creek coal railway line derailed and overturned approximately 190km from Port Augusta. The employee was treated at Port Augusta hospital then air lifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he died two days later.


A self employed person died while operating an excavator on an open cut wall of an opal mine when a section of the wall collapsed.


A person entered a building site and allegedly climbed a mobile scaffold. A welder working on the scaffold heard a noise and saw the person on the ground. The person was taken to hospital with head injuries. Life support was terminated four days later.


A driver drowned when his septic waste truck left the road and drove into the river.

18/10/2004   Gregory Sleep - Findings after trial Xinifex

An employee who had been checking stock piles of lead concentrate being off-loaded from a vessel and conveyed into a storage shed, was found deceased on the floor. He had been run over by a front-end loader that was working in the shed at the time.


An ex-employee attending a Christmas break up party on 23 December 2004 placed a firework shell in a steel mortar in the roadway. The shell exploded on lighting and he died five days later from the injuries he sustained.


Two Country Fire Service volunteers died as a result of being overcome by an out of control bush fire on the Eyre Peninsula.

31/01/2005   Alan Groeneveld  -  Findings Grant McGivor (T/A Graphic Installations)

An employee suffered a fatal electric shock when he came into contact with live wires while changing fluorescent light tubes in an illuminated sign.


A manager’s seven year old son died when a new unsecured drill press overbalanced and fell on him.


A farmer was crushed against a fence by a tractor. The farmer had been using the tractor to move hay and had disembarked to cut bindings.


A working director, who had left the premises to check livestock before returning home, He was killed when a vehicle struck his car.


A music teacher was killed when their car left the road and hit a tree while delivering musical instruments for a school concert band performance.