Imagine if the only time a dangerous speeding driver was fined or penalised was after he had hurt of killed an innocent person? Or perhaps Imagine if the only time a drunk driver was penalised was after he had already caused chaos and carnage?

So why is it that so many workplaces are still operating in an unsafe manner?

Perhaps because it’s easy to implement simple safety strategies.  Buying safety glasses, simple measures of line marking - the costs associated with safety strategies like these are not going to eat into profit margins in a big way.

Unfortunately, the more expensive it is to upgrade equipment or implement changes in really dangerous work practise, the easier it is for management to turn a blind eye.  Hey and sometimes even those work practises that are not overtly difficult to improve are ignored.

Our safety regulator stands behind its principle - SELF REGULATION is the better method of regulation.  “Carrots rather than sticks” ... This was a terminology offered by the CEO of the department in an attempt to explain their position.

For those of us who have buried a loved one as a result of a completely preventable workplace incident, attitudes like this create bile that simply can not be swallowed. We are tired of the placating Departmental spin.  Workers are losing their lives because the business lobby refuses to allow its members to be dictated to.